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Welcome to the UK Public Health Association website

UKPHA is a unifying and powerful voice for the public's health and well being in the UK, focusing on the need to eliminate inequalities in health, promote sustainable development and combat anti-health forces.

The UK Public Health Association - known by the initials UKPHA - is an independent voluntary organisation, formed by the coming together of three organisations in 1999 to unite the public health movement in the UK.

As a multidisciplinary membership organisation, the UKPHA brings together individuals and organisations from all sectors who share a common commitment to promoting the public's health.

We seek to promote the development of healthy public policy at all levels of government and across all sectors. We act as an information platform and aim to support those working in public health both professionally and in a voluntary capacity.

18th Annual Public Health Forum

Booking for the 18th Annual Public Health Forum in Bournemouth, 24th-25th March 2010, is now open.  To book your place, please click here.


Current members are welcome to join the circulation lists for any of our five SIGs. Click here to visit the SIG page for further information.  Members will need to log in to access each specific SIG page.