UKPHA Scotland

UKPHA Scotland’s Mission statement:

“Through our members, activities and co-operation with others, the UKPHA in Scotland endeavours to be a unifying and powerful voice for the public’s health and well-being in the UK, focusing on the need to eliminate inequalities in health, to promote sustainable development and combat anti-health forces. “

Public Health in Scotland

Over the last century the health of the people of Scotland has dramatically improved. Even so, significant threats to health remain. Scotland has a poor health record compared to the UK overall, while the differences with similar-sized countries like Sweden is striking. Scotland has taken significant steps forward in making changes in public health; for example in being one of the first countries in the EU to ban smoking in public places. The ban took effect in March 2006.

UKPHA Scotland is working together with its members and partnership organisations towards creating a healthy sustainable Scotland.

The UKPHA in Scotland

The UKPHA in Scotland was established in 1999 to be a unifying voice for the public health movement in Scotland. UKPHA Scotland has a strong identity in public health. The UKPHA grew from the amalgamation of established organisations, especially the Association of Public Health and the ## Public Health Alliance.

The UKPHA is a voluntary, independent, membership organisation. It has an elected Scottish Committee that supports activities throughout Scotland. The Scottish membership is also represented on the UKPHA’s UK Council through an elected representative. This ensures a strong Scottish contribution to UK-wide developments.

What do we do?

Our current activities are based on the Development Plan for Scotland which covered the period 2003-6. For a copy of this document please contact Kevin Mcclure, UKPHA Scotland Commitee Chair. The plan was developed by members of the Scottish Committee in consultation with the Scottish UKPHA membership. Future development plans will be based on input from the Scottish Committee and interested members throughout Scotland.

Our plans for the future

UKPHA Scotland was established with a bold ambition: to build a public health membership organisation and a public health movement in Scotland guided by a strong vision and values. As an independent, umbrella organisation with membership open to individuals and organisations, it occupies a unique place on the Scottish scene.

Joining UKPHA Scotland

By joining the UK-wide UKPHA, if you are based in Scotland, you will automatically be a member of UKPHA Scotland. You will receive the normal membership benefits associated with being part of the UKPHA. You will be part of an active network of members throughout Scotland, with Scotland-specific events and activities. You will also be entitled to attend and vote at UKPHA Scotland’s AGM.

Scottish Staff and Committee:

The Committee of UKPHA Scotland is currently chaired by Kevin McClure of Napier University.

Publications & Reports:

‘Healthy Future Generations’: Report of UKPHA Scotland Seminar on Sustainability and Public Health.

UKPHA Scotland response to consultation on the Schools (Nutrition and Health Promotion) (Scotland) Bill.

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