Public Health Consultations

As a membership body and ‘the Voice of the Public Health Movement’, the UKPHA endeavours to produce responses to important consultations on issues of relevance to our core principles and representing the majority views of our membership.

Whenever possible the UKPHA submits responses to consultations from Government departments and agencies, NGOs, and other bodies seeking input on issues and themes which are pertinent to the Core Principles of the Association. Our Special Interest Groups may also produce their own consultation responses through the collaborative efforts of their members.

UKPHA responses to consultations will always reflect our overall policy positions on health inequalities, anti-health forces and sustainable development.

When appropriate, we will consult our wider membership via email to gather input for these responses, adding weight and legitimacy to our submissions. In this way our membership can express their views in ways which may not be possible through their own employment circumstances. As ‘the Voice of the Public Health Movement’ we are proud to be able to influence policy-makers with the backing of a large and committed membership.

As well as accessing the UKPHA’s own responses to consultations which are now closed, we have also listed details of other currently open consultations which may be of interest to you. You or your organisation may wish to prepare your own responses to these. Please feel free to contact the UKPHA administrator if you would like us to add details of other open consultations on this page.