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Wildflower Charity Scoops National Health Award

27 March, 2009

Community Newswire

Knowsley environment charity Landlife was presented with the UKPHA Michael Varnam Health Humanity and Environment Award for its Great Outdoors project, which is working to improve parks and local open spaces using wildflowers, alongside creative nature activities to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Child obesity: Council to ban takeaways near schools

21 October, 2008

Article from The Guardian

Angela Mawle backs a council’s plans to ban new takeaways opening within 400 metres of schools, youth centres and parks to help combat child obesity and promote healthy eating.

New review launched to look at future scope of health visiting role

26 August, 2008

Nursing Times

UKPHA launches a major project to to ‘regenerate’ health visiting and to establish a clear statement about what constitutes health visiting and develop a best practice guide.

Life expectancy: north-south lifestyle divide blamed for health inequalities

18 June, 2008

The Guardian

There is a clear north-south divide in patterns of binge drinking and unhealthy eating which help explain a growing life expectancy gap, new analysis shows today. Angela Mawle comments on the importance of local level partnership working in tackling this.

Golden Period?

20 September, 2007

Featured article on IDeA website

“Most of the big breakthroughs in public health were made in Victorian times. Could the country be set for another such ‘golden’ period?” Chief Executive Angela Mawle told the IDeA why she thinks it is.

Unwell adjusted

19 March, 2008

The Guardian

“Labour pledged to reduce health inequality, but new figures show a widening gap. What has gone wrong?” Prof David Hunter, Chair of the UKPHA, gives his thoughts following the release of the Department of Health report, ‘Tackling Health Inequalities’.

Climate Change & Health

20 June, 2007

Article published in the the Daily Express

“Global warming is bringing a TB boom to Britain” - published in the Daily Express following the UKPHA press conference “Campaigning for Change”.

Health visitors to go it alone?

13 March, 2007

Article from The Times

The article refers to the UKPHA draft report on health visiting.

“Health visitors are making a break for freedom by suggesting that they should split from the nursing family…”

Tapping into profit

12 January, 2007


Bottled water consumption is dramatically increasing every year and UK consumers now buy more than two billion litres of bottled water a year. Campaigners say it amounts to an additional environmental burden caused by a profligate “throwaway” society at a time of global warming. Angela Mawle says, “Tap water is healthy, cheap and should be provided in every station and public place like train stations”.

Choose Equality

14 March, 2006

Online article written by Angela Mawle on

Article on health inequalities by Angela Mawle, Chief Executive of the UKPHA, which appeared in the Society section of the Guardian’s website on 14th March 2006.