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UKPHA demands radical rethink to protect the Nation’s health

24 March, 2010

The UK Public Health Association, representing members from across the UK active in promoting the health and wellbeing of the public, is calling upon the political parties to radically reform how we deliver health and wellbeing to current and future generations. Hot on the heels of the Marmot Review, this General Election offers an unparalleled opportunity to set a new course and make the health of the public the number one priority in determining future policy. The adoption of the five strategic shifts proposed in the UKPHA’s Manifesto would enable this vital reform. This will be launched today, Wednesday 24th March, at the UKPHA’s Annual Public Health Forum in Bournemouth.

The public themselves need to be partners in the co-production of their good health. With Beveridge’s Five Giants re-emerging from their lairs (Want, Idleness, Squalor, Ignorance and Disease) governments and public alike have to acknowledge and act upon the fact that degraded environments, economic failures, fractured communities, inadequate housing and stratified educational systems are the true causes of ill-health, not individual lifestyle choice.

This approach will demand a radical cross governmental step change with each department becoming accountable for its policies impact on public health under the eagle eye of a newly created Secretary of State for Public Health.

Angela Mawle, Chief Executive of the UK Public Health Association says, “The scenarios unfolding through the 21st Century do not paint a pretty picture. There will be profound impacts on public health. Now is the time to create a public health system ‘fit for purpose’ and to make the health of the people the ultimate goal of all politicians.”

Chair of the Association, Dr John Ashton, Director of Public Health, Cumbria PCT says: “This is a call to arms. Public Health in the UK is in a state of fragmentation and lacks secure resourcing. It is not surprising that we have made such little impact on the appalling inequalities in health that now exist here and which put us in the same league as some of the poor European countries. We will be challenging all the political parties throughout the General Election campaign to cut the hot air and be specific about how we are to regain our reputation as a world leader in Public Health.”



Angela Mawle, Chief Executive of the UK Public Health Association, is available for further comment. Call 020 7713 8910 or 07872822762

The UK Public Health Association an independent, UK wide voluntary association, which through its membership brings together individuals and organisations from all sectors who share a common commitment to promoting the public’s health. The Association seeks to promote the development of healthy public policy at all levels of government and across all sectors.

The 18th UKPHA Annual Public Health Forum takes place at the Bournemouth International Centre on March 24 & 25, 2010. This year its theme is ‘Confronting the Public Health Crisis: Global issues, local actions - health and wellbeing in a time of ecological and economic crises’.

Drastic Drop in Health Visitor Numbers Threatens Child Health in the 21st Century

24 November, 2009

A new report from the UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) launched on 24th November 2009 makes five key recommendations aimed at creating a reinvigorated health visiting service which will promote and protect the health of families and children and reduce health inequalities.

‘Health Visiting Matters’ is launched at a time when health inequalities are deepening and the economic crisis is biting into the very fabric of society and the need for informed compassionate and non-judgemental care for children and families is therefore of critical importance. Yet health visiting is in deep decline at a point in history when the need for it is greatest.

Swine Flu & Defence of the Realm: We are Prepared – Where are the Resources?

28 July, 2009

The schools have broken up and we are now entering what could be the fourth phase of the Swine Flu phenomenon. In all, the Public Health community and its partners have stepped up to the plate and ridden these waves of surf.

So what is all this about tabloid headlines questioning the preparedness of the public health workforce. In the case of the armed forces, nobody in the media questions the preparedness - only the resources! The media has been asking the wrong question, and should be redirected onto the Public Health equivalent of equipment and helicopters.

Chair of the UK Public Health Association, Professor John R Ashton said: “We have to consider whether we wish to have a fight with President Obama over our own vaccine supplies. Would we be doing this with tanks and helicopters and the armed forces, I am moved to ask? Or is this latest manifestation of the infatuation with the free market to go unchallenged? Shouldn’t Public Health be seen in the same light as Defence of the Realm?”

The new cutting edge of the UK Public Health Association

25 June, 2009

The UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) officially welcomed its new trustees this week after their election at the organisation’s AGM in March.

Professor John Ashton, NHS Cumbria’s Director of Public Health was voted Chair at the meeting of the group on Monday (22 June 2009).

29 April, 2009

“Swine flu and climate change are inextricably related” says Angela Mawle, CEO of the UK Public Health Association. “Both are the end results of unbridled economic growth, environmental degradation and industrial agricultural practices. When will we ever learn that prevention is better than cure?”

Climate Change and Health Take Centre Stage at a Conference in Brighton

12 March, 2009

Climate change will be a top topic at a conference in Brighton this month where ministers will meet public health experts from all over the country.

The UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) will show how the public health community is helping to lead the way in tackling what many people think is the most pressing issue of the day at their conference at the Brighton Centre on the 25th and 26th March. Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo and Energy Minister Lord Hunt will be speaking on the key challenges ahead for building better health for future generations.

The Climate Connection Launch – Tuesday 2nd December

2 December, 2008

Tuesday 2nd December saw the launch of a major new public health initiative to address climate change.

The event brought together public health leaders and educators with professionals from housing, transport, town planning and other sectors - to map out a joint response to the climate crisis, and begin a transformation in public health practice in the regions.

Climate Change – Public Health Workforce Development Partnership Launch

30 July, 2008

The UK Public Health Association, funded by the Department of Health, is launching a Public Health Workforce Development Partnership for climate change.

This work will capture many existing good initiatives, coordinate them and provide the drive and energy to give everyone in the public health workforce, whether in training or in positions of power, tools they can use to reduce greenhouse emissions and prepare the health service for the challenges of climate change.

Public Health Threatened By The Dramatic Decline In Health Visiting Services

11 October, 2007

A call for the vital regeneration of the health visiting service will take place today at the House of Commons.

The important Symposium entitled ‘A Powerful Equaliser - Regenerating the Health Visiting Profession’ is to be held at Portcullis House Westminster, and will hosted by Barry Gardiner, MP for Brent North, and coordinated by the UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) in close collaboration with the CPHVA. Participants will consider evidence-based funding models for the health visiting service; how best to mainstream the best practice models and how to bring their findings and recommendations from their grassroots connections to government.

New Wanless Report A Stark Warning, says UKPHA

11 September, 2007

2007 report finds prevention still the Cinderella service

The Government’s ongoing lack of focus on the prevention of the causes of ill health has led to the stark picture painted by Derek Wanless in his new report, ‘Our future health secured?’ warns the UK Public Health Association. Despite the enormous sums of money ploughed into the health service over the last few years it is not, he says, on course to deliver good health for the people of England.